The 2023 Top PaySafeCard Sportsbooks

PaySafeCard wagering sites: a guide

Welcoming you to our Paysafecard wagering sites guide. Examine the section below to discover why Paysafecard sportsbooks offer a ridiculously simple way to begin wagering!

Paysafecard betting sites offer a streamlined deposit and withdrawal procedure, made possible by the Paysafe prepaid card service, which offers the much-needed convenience and anonymity. In addition, Paysafecard sportsbooks provide lower transaction fees and superior security. Continue reading for more information on the Paysafecard payment system!

Paysafecard wagering site advantages and disadvantages Pro and Con


Very secure

Instant contributions

Conveniently situated

Good for budgeting your finances

Unsuitable for withdrawals

a reduction in deposit limits

Not at all bookmakers

Paying with Paysafecard at online wagering

Paysafecard is an easy-to-use prepaid voucher that does not require preparation or registration prior to use. It is one of the simplest payment methods for online wagering. Here is what must be done:


Obtain a Paysafecard voucher via the Internet or a newsstand.

Register with a Paysafecard sportsbook.

Select Paysafecard as your deposit option on the sportsbook’s cashier page.

Enter the 16-digit code on the back of your Paysafecard.

Enter your deposit amount and complete your Paysafecard transaction.

A 16-digit code is the foundation of Paysafecard, which you can obtain from newsstands, stores, or an authorized online retailer. Paysafecard is accessible in more than 40 countries, and the ticket/voucher can be purchased in denominations ranging from $10 to $100 USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, etc.


After purchasing a voucher from a local merchant or an authorized online retailer, you can redeem it in an online store or casino. When funding a Paysafecard sportsbook, access the deposit or cashier page and select Paysafe or Paysafecard from the list of available options. Enter the sixteen-digit code found on the voucher and confirm the transaction. The deposited quantity will appear in your casino account within a few minutes.


In addition, if you make smaller online payments, you can use the 16-digit PIN numerous times until the amount you recharged is depleted. When making greater payments, up to ten 16-digit PIN codes can be combined. For example, if you deposit $1,000 (the utmost allowed) to a Paysafecard sportsbook, you can load up to ten 16-digit PIN codes of $100 each.


By inputting the respective 16-digit code, you can also view the balance of your Paysafe voucher, the transaction history, and the production data on the official Paysafecard website or app. To better manage your Paysafecard PINs and store up to $5,000 in codes, you’ll need to register for an account, which is a fast and painless process.


Registering for a Paysafecard account is free, and neither a bank account nor a credit card is required. The advantage of having a Paysafecard account is that you can sometimes withdraw funds directly to your online wallet, although Paysafecard wagering sites rarely support this option.

Average payment processing periods at Paysafecard betting websites


Whether you are making an online purchase or depositing funds to a Paysafecard wagering site, the transaction is quick, secure, and convenient. Once you provide the code to the online retailer or sportsbook, the payment is processed almost immediately due to the enchantment of electronic funds transfer.


The average time required to complete a transaction is between two and five minutes, allowing you to instantaneously fund your favorite Paysafecard sportsbooks and wager while the odds are favorable. Moreover, despite the fact that transaction speeds are typically consistent, delays may occasionally occur, particularly if the Paysafecard sportsbooks experience a technical issue or are undergoing service maintenance. In such situations, the online bookmaker should notify users in advance to prevent inconveniences.


Frequently, Paysafecard-related transaction delays are resolved promptly. When a payment persists in “processing” for more than five minutes, this is a common issue. Here, you may need to reload the page, re-enter the 16-digit code, and resend the confirmation request. Typically, such problems resolve on their own.


Unlike traditional payment methods such as credit cards and bank transfers, which can take days to reflect on a betting site, Paysafecard is nearly immediate and remains one of the quickest online gambling payment methods available.  Check out our evaluations of the top Apple Pay betting sites for a processing time comparison.Requirements for verification at Paysafecard bookmakers

Paysafecard, like other purveyors of financial services, is regulated and designed to protect both businesses and consumers. When registering for an account that will enable you to receive withdrawals from Paysafecard betting sites, you’ll need to provide a few forms of identification, such as your identification card or passport/driver’s license. Notably, your credit card or bank information is not required during the registration procedure.


There are two types of Paysafecard accounts: Standard and Unlimited. Upon registration, you are automatically enrolled in the standard version, which limits PIN uploads to $ 2,500 per year. If you intend to use multiple Paysafecard sportsbooks in less than a year, you may exceed this limit. Upgrade your account to the unlimited version as a solution.


Account upgrades necessitate additional verification. Here, you will submit documents identical to those submitted during registration. Additionally, you must submit a photo of your entire face. Once your information has been verified and your account status has been upgraded, you will have access to all of Paysafecard’s benefits. These include deposits and withdrawals to and from any Paysafecard sportsbook up to the utmost limits. Check out our evaluations of the top sportsbook deposit options to learn about the verification requirements for the top deposit methods.


The history of wagering sites accepting Paysafecard

Paysafecard, which was founded in 2000, has expanded from a modest pre-printed scratch card business to a reputable multinational financial services provider. In 2011, the company purchased Dutch rival Wallie, and in 2013, Skrill acquired Paysafecard. A year later, Skrill acquired Ukash, a Paysafecard competitor in the United Kingdom, and merged it with Paysafecard. Skrill rival Optimal Payments Group acquired Skill Group and all of its subsidiaries, including Paysafecard, in 2015 and rebranded as Paysafe Group.


Today, numerous reputable online retailers accept the Paysafe payment system, as well as over 200 reputable Paysafecard wagering websites. You can always locate a Paysafecard sportsbook that allows you to fund your betting account at no cost, regardless of your location. Some Paysafecard-accepting sportsbooks offer a first-deposit incentive to new customers. Recently, Paysafecard was integrated with major platforms including Amazon, Google, and Apple, thereby enhancing the company’s reputation.


Not fond of Paysafecard wagering websites? Try credit card wagering instead at these sportsbooks!

Paysafecard sportsbooks compared to other providers

Paysafecard provides a more convenient and secure method of purchasing goods and services online than other payment methods. Paysafecard sportsbooks offer quicker deposits and withdrawals than credit cards and wire transfers.


Additionally, the level of privacy provided by a Paysafecard voucher eliminates the need to share your bank or credit card information with a third party. However, several Paysafecard-accepting sportsbooks encourage their customers to utilize this payment method due to its simplicity and absence of fees for users who are not converting currencies.


Paysafecard does not permit users to overdraw their funds, unlike credit cards. This means that you cannot spend more than you have, making it simple to manage your expenditures. If you are new to betting, you should locate the sportsbook with the lowest minimum deposit to launch your betting career. The majority of Paysafecard betting sites accept deposits as low as $10, which is a decent starting point for beginners.


Pay close attention to the convenience of service, the level of security, and the deposit and withdrawal fees when selecting the best payment method from the many sportsbook deposit options. Paysafecard provides some of the most secure and convenient financial services available. Still, fees are a major concern, specifically currency conversion fees and refund/redemption fees. However, only a subset of consumers are affected.

Popular Online Betting Payment Options


If you’re just getting started with online sportsbooks, you’re probably wondering if there’s a safe, quick, and legitimate method to fund your new betting account. The answer is affirmative. Paysafecard is a well-liked payment option that is secure, quick, and extensively accepted at a variety of betting sites. In actuality, your search for the finest betting sites should begin with sportsbooks that accept Paysafecard, and then narrow down to the pros and cons of each site.


Apple Pay, which is also incredibly quick and secure but is currently unavailable in the United States, is an alternative payment method. Apple Pay wagering sites do not allow you to withdraw your winnings to your Apple Wallet, unlike Paysafecard sportsbooks. Other common payment methods in online casinos include debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. The majority of Paysafecard sportsbooks have done an excellent job of improving the user experience, for instance by streamlining the deposit and withdrawal processes.


Why we appreciate Paysafecard wagering sites

Paysafecard is an excellent online payment system for casino players and online consumers due to its speed, usability, and security and anonymity. Before checking out any Paysafecard sportsbooks, you should still evaluate the quality of their services in terms of customer service, withdrawal ease, minimum deposits, etc.


However, the withdrawal processes at the top betting sites are streamlined, and only a few of them accept Paysafecard. A comprehensive background check will assist you in selecting the best sportsbooks for your betting and entertainment requirements. If you require additional information regarding deposits and withdrawals, please refer to our reviews of the best wagering sites for withdrawals and the best sportsbook with the lowest minimum deposit. Sign up with one of our featured Paysafecard wagering sites and start playing immediately.

Paysafecard Gambling Websites F.A.Q.


Can Paysafecard be used for gambling?

There are thousands of online gambling operators and websites, and each of them accepts a wide variety of payment methods. The overwhelming majority of online casinos in the United States accept bank transfers, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal, but how many accept Paysafecard? Our review of Paysafecard betting sites examines whether you can use your Paysafecard to finance your wagers, or whether you’ll need to use a different payment method.


🤔 How can I acquire a Paysafecard?

To obtain a Paysafecard, you will be required to complete a number of procedures. In addition, there are a number of actions you must take to activate it and make it your preferred payment method on any Paysafecard sportsbooks you use. Our review of Paysafecard online wagering sites examines in detail how to obtain a Paysafecard, activate it, and utilize it as your preferred payment method.


💸 Can I cash out my winnings using a Paysafecard?

The vast majority of payment methods that you use to fund your wagering can be used to withdraw funds. However, there are a few payment methods that can be used to deposit funds but cannot be used to withdraw funds. Our review of the top Paysafecard sportsbooks and Paysafecard sports wagering sites examines whether or not it is possible to withdraw winnings using a Paysafecard. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of using a Paysafecard are discussed.


Is it safe to finance your wagers with a Paysafecard?

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding which payment method to use to finance your wagers is whether or not the payment method in question is secure. Using a risky payment method is something you must avoid at all costs. Fortunately, our review of the top Paysafecard wagering sites explains whether or not your Paysafecard can be relied upon. This article examines the security measures in place to safeguard your funds as well as the reputation of Paysafecards. At the conclusion of this evaluation, it will be clear whether or not it is safe to use a Paysafecard.


💳 Which wagering sites accept Paysafecard as a method of payment?

There are guaranteed to be a few online betting sites that recognize Paysafecard as a valid payment option, given the vast number of betting sites available. Finding a reputable US sportsbook or online casino that accepts Paysafecard as a payment method could take hours, but fortunately, our review of Paysafecard betting sites has a few recommendations. Here at, we’ve researched the top Paysafecard-accepting wagering sites and done all the legwork for you. You only need to sit back, unwind, and select the site that best suits you and your payment method!






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